Connect ‘Why’ with ‘What’ Using ‘Vision To Value’ Mapping (With Lavaneesh Gautam) - Lean Agile London 24 TalkInTen
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Connect ‘Why’ with ‘What’ Using ‘Vision To Value’ Mapping (With Lavaneesh Gautam) - Lean Agile London 24 TalkInTen

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Our first conference of the season is the fantastic Lean Agile London 2024!

We continue our TalkInTen series by interviewing the insightful Lavaneesh Gautam. In this episode, Lavaneesh delves into the Vision to Value Mapping approach, emphasizing how it bridges the gap between business objectives and tangible deliverables.

Lavaneesh on LinkedIn:

Here is the synopsis of Lavaneesh's talk:

The chasm between the ‘Why’—the intrinsic business or customer value—and the ‘What’—the tangible Product Backlog items or deliverables—represents a critical gap in product development. Bridging this divide requires a robust strategy, and the Vision to Value Mapping emerges as a compelling solution. This innovative approach fosters a seamless connection between business objectives, their impacts, stakeholders, and the benefits realized by users. By integrating user outcomes, exploratory experiments, and potential solutions into a coherent framework, Vision to Value Mapping not only clarifies the path from concept to execution but also enhances collaborative efforts.

Episode Highlights:

- Bridging the Gap: Learn how to connect business objectives with tangible deliverables effectively.

- Vision to Value Mapping: Discover the innovative approach that aligns business goals with user outcomes.

- Practical Tools:
Explore tools like Lean Canvas, North Star Metrics, and more to measure and track progress.

- Enhanced Collaboration: Understand how to improve collaborative efforts through integrated frameworks.

🎙️ Don’t miss this episode filled with valuable insights and practical strategies for bridging the gap between vision and value in product development. Tune in now to be inspired.

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