Enabling Agility with Applied Critical Thinking (ACT) (With Marcus Dimbleby): Scrum Day London 2024
Product AgilityJune 25, 202400:12:238.55 MB

Enabling Agility with Applied Critical Thinking (ACT) (With Marcus Dimbleby): Scrum Day London 2024

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Scrum Day London is our second conference of the year, and we’re thrilled to bring you more exciting episodes from this renowned event!

As we continue our TalkInTen series, we have a special episode featuring Marcus Dimbleby, an expert in applied critical thinking and Agile transformation, who explores the intersection of these fields to enhance organizational agility.

Marcus on LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/marcusdimbleby/

Here is the synopsis of Marcus's Talk:

In today's complex business landscape, the ability to think critically and apply those insights is crucial for driving innovation and sustaining Agile transformations. This talk dives into the vital role that applied critical thinking (ACT) plays in enabling agility within organizations. By fostering deliberate challenge and diverse viewpoints, ACT helps break down barriers and enhances decision-making processes in Agile environments. This discussion highlights the transformative impact of ACT on team dynamics, executive leadership, and overall organizational success, offering practical strategies and tools to implement ACT effectively.

Episode Highlights:

- Applied Critical Thinking in Agile: Understand how ACT can improve decision-making and organisational agility.

- Practical Applications: Learn about real-world use cases where ACT has been successfully integrated into Agile practices.

- Enhancing Team Collaboration: Discover techniques to foster psychological safety and enable effective communication within Agile teams.

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Host Bio

Ben is a seasoned expert in product agility coaching, unleashing the potential of people and products. With over a decade of experience, his focus now is product-led growth & agility in organisations of all sizes.

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