How to Grow Product Leaders with OKRs (With Victoria Sheer): Scrum Day London 24 TalkInTen
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How to Grow Product Leaders with OKRs (With Victoria Sheer): Scrum Day London 24 TalkInTen

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Scrum Day London is our second conference of the year, and we’re thrilled to bring you more exciting episodes from this renowned event!

As we continue our TalkInTen series, we have a special episode featuring Victoria Sheer, a Product Strategy Operations Lead and co-founder of the OKR Consortium, who delves into the transformative power of OKRs in developing product leaders within Agile environments.

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Here is the synopsis of Victoria's Talk:

Transforming into a product organization and changing the role of Product Leaders in a large multinational corporation with rigid processes and hierarchy is an entirely different challenge compared to a mid-sized product company. But OKRs integrated into product operations can bring value to both, if applied right. This talk dives into the critical aspects of implementing OKRs to foster growth and value generation among Product Leaders.

Victoria discusses the step-by-step process of crafting meaningful product goals that align with company strategy, the correct use of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and OKRs, and the importance of aligning product roadmaps with product strategy to enable teams to deliver value effectively. She shares a case study from Aldi Süd e-commerce, illustrating how these principles were applied to transform the organization.

Episode Highlights:

- OKRs in Product Strategy: Understand how OKRs can bridge the gap between strategy and execution.

- Practical Insights: Learn the steps to create a product strategy and use it for prioritization.

- Outcomes vs. Outputs: Understand the difference and why focusing on outcomes helps create a greater impact.

- Product Roadmap Creation: Get guidance on aligning product roadmaps with overall strategy to deliver value.

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