How To Shift Mindsets & The Art of Influence (With Julie Dirksen)
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How To Shift Mindsets & The Art of Influence (With Julie Dirksen)

Julie Dirksen is a leading figure in instructional design and learning science, focusing on making education engaging and effective. As the author of "Design For How People Learn," Julie has shaped modern educational practices. Her work, integrating behavioural science with design, is pivotal in enhancing learning outcomes across educational and corporate settings. Julie's influence extends globally, as she aids organisations in applying cognitive psychology principles to improve their learning strategies.

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Back by popular demand, Julie Dirksen returns to the Product Agility Podcast, delving into the art of influence and how to shift mindsets effectively. A maestro in instructional design and learning science, Julie unpacks the intricate dance between knowledge and behaviour, offering listeners a masterclass in creating lasting change.

This episode explores the depths of learning strategies, behavioural economics, and the science behind motivation and change. Julie's insights provide a roadmap for anyone looking to influence outcomes, whether in education, business, or personal growth.

Key Highlights:

πŸ” 5:39 - The Root Of Miscommunication

πŸ” 18:31 - Winning The Opinion Battle: Strategies for Influence

πŸ” 20:24 - The Million-Dollar Motivation Dilemma

πŸ” 35:41 - Transitioning From Output To Outcome

πŸ” 52:21 - Essential Coaching Resources

Highlighted books:
Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman here

Misbehaving: The Making of Behavioural Economics" by Richard H. Thaler here

Don't miss Julie's actionable insights on shaping behaviour and decision-making processes. For those looking to dive deeper, Julie offers workshops that promise to revolutionise your approach to learning and influence.

Explore Julie Dirksen's Workshops.

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