Master OKRs & Product Flow @ Scale (With Jeff Gothelf & Daniel Terhorst-North)
Product AgilityJune 13, 2024x
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Master OKRs & Product Flow @ Scale (With Jeff Gothelf & Daniel Terhorst-North)

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Daniel North and Jeff Gothelf, two legendary figures in the world of agile and product management, bring a wealth of experience and insight to our latest podcast episode. With backgrounds spanning several decades and a plethora of roles from development to executive consulting, both have profoundly influenced how organizations approach product development, delivery, and organisational agility.

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In this episode, Daniel and Jeff delve into the intricate dynamics of operating a product business at scale. They explore the unique challenges large organisations face in competing with nimble, smaller companies and share transformative strategies for fostering innovation and agility within a corporate structure.

Daniel and Jeff also share their experiences working with top-tier companies, highlighting both the successes and the common pitfalls encountered when implementing agile practices at scale.

Key Highlights:

πŸ” 12:45 - Importance of Cross-Functional Teams

πŸ” 22:10 - The Role of OKRs in Driving Alignment and Focus

πŸ” 35:50 - Overcoming Resistance to Change

πŸ” 47:30 - Real-World Examples of Successful Agile Transformations

Listeners will gain invaluable insights into how to overcome common barriers in large organisations and implement effective strategies for enhancing product delivery and customer satisfaction. Join us as Daniel and Jeff share their extensive knowledge and practical tips, equipping listeners with the tools needed to achieve unparalleled success in a competitive marketplace.

Tune in to transform your organisational challenges into opportunities with innovative strategies and expert insights from two of the industry's most respected thought leaders.

Jeff's book, 'Who Does What By How Much?: A Practical Guide to Customer-Centric OKRs' -

Host Bio

Ben is a seasoned expert in product agility coaching, unleashing the potential of people and products. With over a decade of experience, his focus now is product-led growth & agility in organisations of all sizes.

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