Sustainability, Ethics and AI The New Frontier in Product Development (With Dom Heinrich)
Product AgilityFebruary 29, 2024x
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Sustainability, Ethics and AI The New Frontier in Product Development (With Dom Heinrich)

Dom Heinrich is a leader in design, AI, and sustainability, with two decades of experience leading global teams. He has excelled in delivering AI-powered products and services, emphasizing sustainability. Notably, Dom invented products aiding mobility for Parkinson's patients and contributed to GPT-1 development with Microsoft and Coca-Cola, showcasing his impact in AI. As a PRATT University faculty member, he lectures on AI in Digital Design and Design Business, blending deep problem-solving with elegant solutions. His work with industry giants underscores a commitment to technological innovation and a sustainable, inclusive future.

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Dom Heinrich, bridging the worlds of sustainability, ethics, and AI in product development, ignites a crucial conversation on the resilience of human systems and our interaction with technology. As a thought leader at the Creative AI Academy and TLGG Consulting, Dom demystifies the complexities of sustainable AI applications in product management and addresses the challenges of creating resilient, ethical AI systems. 

This episode navigates through the nuanced landscape of AI's role in promoting sustainable practices, enhancing the resilience of human systems, and facilitating ethical decision-making. It underscores AI's potential to revolutionise our approach to sustainability in product development, encouraging a symbiotic relationship between technology, ethics, and human well-being. 

Key Highlights:

πŸ” 7:31 - Germany's F1 Passion & The UK's Carbon Neutrality

πŸ” 9:06 - Optimisation For Sustainable Product Success

πŸ” 15:02 - Revolutionising Refills: How AI Is Transforming Sustainability Practices

πŸ” 25:30 - Leveraging Technology For Sustainable Behavioural Change

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