Use Data To Ignite Action (With Julie Starling) - Lean Agile Brighton 23 TalkInTen
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Use Data To Ignite Action (With Julie Starling) - Lean Agile Brighton 23 TalkInTen

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We found ourselves at Lean Agile Brighton 2023 interviewing world-class Agilists getting their "Talks In Ten."

As we gear up for Lean Agile Brighton 2024, we're excited to share a special episode recorded at last year's conference featuring Julie Starling. In this TalkInTen, Julie dives into the actionable use of data to drive enhanced delivery and improve organisational flow.

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Here is the synopsis of Julie's Talk:

How We Use Data To Ignite Action

Are you tired of having the same conversations, delivering “late” and being put under pressure for decisions you didn’t even make? In this session, I’ll walk through how we managed to flip the script in a highly regulated, risk-averse financial institution by introducing probabilistic forecasting and flow metrics, as well as ditching wasteful estimations.

I’ll cover what you need to get started (very little!) and we’ll explore things I wish we knew when we started our journey, including what is involved in making the mindset shift at an organisational level. I’ll also be sharing some of the success stories we’ve seen, which include teams improving their ways of working based on data, as well as critical decisions being made by stakeholders at the earliest possible opportunity rather than when we’ve missed a deadline.

Probabilistic forecasting has helped move our risk-averse stakeholders away from traditional and comfortable but ultimately higher-risk ways of working… however, we’re still on our journey and there is so much more to come, so I’ll also touch on where we are going, which includes using DORA metrics.

Episode Highlights:

  • Actionable Data: Learn how to use data to increase flow, generate conversation, and enable experimentation.
  • Probabilistic Forecasting: Discover how to implement probabilistic forecasting to flip the script in risk-averse environments.
  • Flow Metrics: Understand the importance of flow metrics in enhancing delivery and improving decision-making.

Tune in now for valuable insights and practical strategies for using data to drive enhanced delivery and organisational flow!

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