Transforming Product Development with Behavioural Science (With Liz Immer)
Product AgilityMarch 21, 2024x
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Transforming Product Development with Behavioural Science (With Liz Immer)

Liz Immer stands as a guiding light in the realms of product and experience design, utilising the principles of behavioural science to elevate both team dynamics and product offerings. Celebrated for her inspirational leadership and capability to nurture growth in others, Liz's approach, characterised by genuine, direct feedback, consistently pushes boundaries beyond the ordinary. Her commitment to exploring deeper insights and challenging norms has solidified her position as a pioneer in crafting environments where both users and colleagues thrive.

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In this episode, Liz reveals the impactful role of behavioural science in redefining product development, providing invaluable insights for those dedicated to creating resonant user experiences. By marrying the concepts of experimentation and evidence-based decision-making, Liz sheds light on how to apply behavioural economics effectively to forge strategies that are both innovative and focused on outcomes. This discussion offers rich perspectives for anyone keen on refining their product strategy, enhancing usability, and enriching the customer experience.

Embark on a journey that connects theoretical insights with practical applications, highlighting the critical importance of user research, strategic thinking, and the essential role of facilitation in creating spaces where creativity and innovation can flourish.

Key Highlights:

πŸ” 10:16 - Key Tips For Product Design Success

πŸ” 13:11 - The Power Of Room Dynamics In Facilitation

πŸ” 19:49 - Challenges Of Implementing Behavioural Changes

πŸ” 23:39 - Breaking Down Hierarchy

πŸ” 39:10 - Laws Of Systems Thinking

For enthusiasts eager to integrate human behaviour insights into product development, this conversation with Liz is a must-listen. Explore how behavioural science and design can merge, offering strategies to create products that surpass user expectations.

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Ben is a seasoned expert in product agility coaching, unleashing the potential of people and products. With over a decade of experience, his focus now is product-led growth & agility in organisations of all sizes.

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