Why People Prefer Miro - The Psychology of Tool Adoption with Liz Immer
Product AgilityMarch 28, 2024x
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Why People Prefer Miro - The Psychology of Tool Adoption with Liz Immer

Liz Immer makes a return for a second episode, further exploring the synergies between product design and behavioural science. Celebrated for her inspirational leadership and capability to nurture growth in others, Liz's approach, characterised by genuine, direct feedback, consistently pushes boundaries beyond the ordinary. Her commitment to exploring deeper insights and challenging norms has solidified her position as a pioneer in crafting environments where both users and colleagues thrive.

Liz on LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/lizimmer/

In this episode, Ben and Liz discuss the challenges people face when adopting new tools. They explore the behavioural drivers and inhibitors that influence tool adoption, including financial, psychological, and social factors. They also discuss the concepts of loss aversion, temporal myopia, and the importance of creating immediacy in cause and effect. The conversation emphasises the need to focus on real benefits for users and to avoid tricking or forcing behaviour change. They also highlight the importance of considering individual needs and ensuring that desired outcomes benefit both the organisation and the individual. The episode concludes with a reminder to stay awkward, brave, and kind.

Set off on a journey that connects theoretical knowledge with its practical application, emphasising the crucial role of user research, strategic foresight, and effective facilitation in sparking spaces where innovation and user-centric design flourish.

Key Highlights:

🔍 04:22 - Financial Reasons To Adopt Tools 

🔍 12:32 - Creating Immediacy In Cause and Effect 

🔍 20:30 - Avoid Tricking People and Focus on Real Benefits 

🔍 26:07 - Balancing Organisational Goals and Individual Needs

🔍 34:35 - The Importance of Being Awkward, Brave, and Kind

This conversation is a treasure trove for anyone interested in integrating behavioural insights into product development. Discover how the combination of behavioural science and design thinking can lead to products that not only fulfil but surpass user expectations.

Host Bio

Ben is a seasoned expert in product agility coaching, unleashing the potential of people and products. With over a decade of experience, his focus now is product-led growth & agility in organisations of all sizes.

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