Untrapping Product Teams World Exclusive (With David Pereira)
Product AgilityMay 02, 2024x
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Untrapping Product Teams World Exclusive (With David Pereira)

David Pereira, a renowned product leader with a rich history of transforming markets and driving substantial revenue growth, joins us for an enlightening discussion on his latest triumph in product management. David's journey, marked by scaling a marketplace from €5M to €45M in yearly revenue and revitalising the secondhand car market in Brazil, has positioned him as a visionary in sustainable business strategies and innovative leadership.

David on LinkedIn: https://bit.ly/44nx4aQ

In this episode, host Ben Maynard dives into David's new book, "Untrapping Product Teams," sharing key strategies from his extensive playbook. The conversation spans from debunking common management myths to practical tips on fostering high-value product teams.

Key Highlights:

πŸ” 00:00 - The Art of Bullsh*t Management

πŸ” 05:25 - Escaping Work Traps for Success

πŸ” 14:32 - The Trap of Bullsh*t Management

πŸ” 19:15 - Mastering Product Management: Ingredients & Traps

πŸ” 26:29 - Streamlining Backlog: Handling Pushback Strategically

πŸ” 36:31 - Maximising Team Value Delivery Strategies

πŸ” 50:56 - Empowering Customer-Focused Collaboration

Listeners will gain invaluable insights into overcoming the common pitfalls in product management and strategic approaches to maximising team efficiency. Discover the transformative power of clear, actionable planning and how to align team efforts with broader business objectives effectively.

Join us as David Pereira reveals the secrets to untrapping product teams and equipping them for unparalleled success in a competitive marketplace. Learn firsthand how to turn challenges into opportunities with innovative strategies for today’s evolving product landscape.

Host Bio

Ben is a seasoned expert in product agility coaching, unleashing the potential of people and products. With over a decade of experience, his focus now is product-led growth & agility in organisations of all sizes.

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